Nina ... and Other Delights


It's the perfect aural accessory to the rock legend's second novel! Detroit modern artist Niagara's work graces the package, which serves up 14 pieces of pissed-off pie -- including excerpts from his latest novel NINA (Scapegoat Publishing).

  1. Whatever I Want
  2. This Old Whore
  3. Blag Dahlia Radio Intro
  4. How to Write Good 'Cocaine'
  5. Extreme Skate Abuse
  6. Nina' Intro
  7. Nina' Chapter 11
  8. Nina' Chapter 12
  9. San Francisco
  10. How to Write Good 'Halloween'
  11. Invisible Ink Outro
  12. Legend of L-Mo
  13. Young Toilets Club
  14. Christ Comes Back