Feb 25 2015 HOUSTON, TX Green Room Warehouse Live  
Feb 26 2015 AUSTIN, TX Holy Mountain  
Feb 27 2015 DALLAS, TX Trees w/ Screeching Weasel  
Feb 28 2015 DENVER, CO Gothic Theater w/ Screeching Weasel  


Radio Free Dwarves 12" LP Pre-Order

Recorded live in one take for Estonian radio in 2012 Radio Free Dwarves 12 Song mini-album features 10 tunes including eight classics and two PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED songs! AND two additional Blag-produced acoustic fan tracks.

Coke-Bottle Clear Edition

First pressing limited to 500 copies on Coke-Bottle Clear w/ etched B-Side

Deluxe Banned Edition

This rare version comes with an alternate *banned* cover, not available in stores, featuring a super foxy Dwarves chick! This edition is only available from the label and at Dwarves shows and features an "under-the-counter" skin-mag style paper bag, silk-screened with the Dwarves logo.

First pressing limited to 250 copies on Fluorescent Pink vinyl w/ etched B-Side

Pre-Order NOW!

Gentleman Blag 7" on Fat Wreck Available Now!!!

Gentleman Blag 7" on Fat Wreck with 2 - COUNT'EM TWO - unreleased tunes available right here right now.

Side A - Gentleman Blag / Trisexual
Side B - Kings of the World / Stuck in the Void

Order Now

The Dwarves Invented Rock n Roll Care Package (Shirt, LP, Trinkets)...$25.00

PREORDER easy as 1-2-3!!!
The Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll limited Care Package includes:

  1. Colored vinyl version of the Dwarves Invented R&R LP
  2. Dwarves Invented R&R T shirt
  3. Actual Dwarf primate to have sex with (not really!)
  4. Dwarves button, patch, keychain, sticker - note: you may not receive the exact items in the photo
  5. Indicate shirt size- supplies are limited, substitutions possible if your size is sold out
  6. Packed with love in the good ol' US of A
  7. Guaranteed the finest record the Dwarves will make this year!


The Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll Is On Sale Now!

New LP on Recess/Greedy Records

Order it here!!! Get the fancy Invented LP-T Shirt-Trinket pack!


Dwarves -Trailer Trash 7" Out Now!

Recess Records is putting out the Trailer Trash 7".

Available Here


Live Picture Disc and Free DVD Out Now!

Another classic picture disc features nudity, mayhem and blasphemy on both sides! Also includes a free dvd of the Dwarves live in NYC 2004. Featuring all of your favorite Dwarves live and a half dozen studio videos, too! You can give this collectible classic in time for Xmas if you order in time!


Dwarves Are Younger and Even Better Looking Double Vinyl

Order now!

The Dwarves best record is back and better than ever! Recess Records and Greedy Media have joined forces to re-press the Dwarves seminal LP that includes classics like 'Everybodies Girl', 'One Time Only', 'We Must Have Blood' and 'You Gotta Burn'. But the action does not stop there.

This special gatefold double LP contains:

  • over 40 minutes unreleased material
  • A live set from radio appearance
  • Blag Dahlia's entire solo record
  • B-sides, bonus tracks
  • … and most important more classic photos of the naked skater chicks!!!



New Drummer Girl T-Shirts

New Drummer Girl T-Shirts - BUY IT YOU SCUM!!!

Men's   Women's

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